Stockholm Major 2022: victory for Team Spirit and Team Liquid

The last matches of today's gaming day at ESL One Stockholm Major 2022 have come to an end. Team Liquid took on Gaimin Gladiators, while Team Spirit took on players from Thunder Awaken. The third match did not take place, as the Mind Games were disqualified from the tournament due to visa difficulties.

Team Liquid showed themselves quite well in the match against Gaimin Gladiators. On the first map, at first, their opponents were doing better than Liquid themselves, however, iNSaNiA and his teammates did not lose their heads and seized the advantage. Gaimin Gladiators, at least by the 30th minute, returned the game to the direction they needed, but in the end, the victory was on the account of Team Liquid. For this, the Europeans took 49 minutes. The meeting ended with a score of 40-22 in favor of Liquid. The second card followed a completely opposite scenario. From the very beginning, Liquid showed who is more worthy of victory in this match and finished the fight in 22 minutes with a score of 17-10.

In the second confrontation, Team Spirit and Thunder Predator came face to face. The teams fought on the first map for 36 minutes and ended it with a score of 35-20 in favor of Spirit. Miposhka and company had an advantage throughout the game, and their choice of Anti-Mage and Storm Spirit became a real horror for Thunder Predator players. The second map was a little different from what we could see in the first half of the match. The fight lasted much longer and ended only 45 minutes later with a score of 40-24. This time, Medusa and Mars have become the very heroes who bring death to their enemies.

After such matches, Team Spirit became the leader of Group B, having three wins, one draw and one defeat. Following them, Fnatic, Gaimin Gladiators and Team Liquid share the second place. Fifth place is shared by Thunder Awaken and Team SoloMid.


ESL One Stockholm Major 2022 started on May 12th and will end on May 22nd. The total prize pool of the Major competition is $500,000 and 3,530 Dota Pro Circuit rating points. The winner will earn the main reward of $200,000 and 680 DPC points. The silver medalist will receive $100,000 + 610 DPC points, and the team that takes 3rd place in the standings will get $75,000 and 530 rating points.