Wolf Team makes a replacement in the roster

The Brazilian team Wolf Team has another replacement in the roster. Not so long ago, KJ left the club, playing the role of support. He was replaced by a former member of the Wolf Team under the nickname Duster.


Matheus "KJ" Santos Jungles Diniz is a Brazilian support player. During KJ's tenure with the organization, the team performed well at the DPC SA 2021/2022 Tour 2: Division II tournament, taking second place. KJ left the line-up and is not yet a member of any club. Perhaps he will return to his old friends from NoPing, as he has repeatedly played for this team.


Heitor "Duster" Pereira Liberado is a professional player with extensive experience in the competitive scene. Previously, Duster has already played for this club from 2021-12-13 to 2022-02-22. After that, the organization made a swap of players, replacing the player with KJ, who at that time was in NoPing e-sports.

The new roster looks like this: