CIS Rejects against Winstrike Team - the return of the "apostle" to the TIER-1 stage.

Despite the canceled Major, the DPC leagues did not become dull and uninteresting. Yes, teams from elite leagues are not motivated to give all their best, but teams from the second divisions are another matter.

Today we are waiting for a match within DPC 2021/22 Season 1 - CIS Lower Division between CIS Rejects and Winstrike Team. Both teams are very close to the top division: CIS Rejects are 4-1, and Winstrike Team is 3-2, which means that a face-to-face confrontation will solve almost everything.

EGamersWorld gives preference to CIS Rejects. Our forecasters believe that it is time for Roman Kushnarev to return to the big Dota and play in the elite league next season.

You can learn more about all the pitfalls on the forecast page. You can also discuss the upcoming match there.

We recommend watching it in the match view tab. Livescore is attached.