B8 Esports announced their Dota 2 roster

In social networks, Danil 'Dendi' Ishutin's organization announced that it has assembled a roster for performances in Dota 2 Champions League Season 5, which, by the way, has already begun. Players such as V1olent, Bb3px, Brz and Gatciy will play alongside Dendi under the B8 Esports tag. If Azamat 'Gatciy' Gatsiev joined the club on November 4th as the main player, then V1olent, Bb3px and Brz will play as substitutes.

Nemiga Gaming joined the fans of jumping into the last car. They, like B8 Esports and HellRaisers, announced the collection of a roster during the tournament they are taking part in. By the way, if you missed the information from HR, then we suggest reading our material and filling the knowledge gap. Nemiga announced that not only Ilya 'Kiritych' Ulyanov, Alexey 'Ainkrad' Diveevsky and Alexey 'TheChosenOne' Karanevich will perform under their tag, but also Evgeny 'Heaven' Ponomarev and Ivan 'VANSKOR' Skorokhod. The last two will play in the team as substitute players.

B8 Esports roster for Dota 2 Champions League Season 5:

Nemiga Gaming roster for Dota 2 Champions League Season 5:

Dota 2 Champions League Season 5 started on November 8 and will end on the 28th. The total prize fund of the event is $ 50,000. The winner will take home $ 25,000, while the silver and bronze medalists will each receive $ 10,000 and $ 5,000. The tournament is attended by 10 teams, 9 of which received direct invitations, and one made it through the open qualifier. V-Gaming, B8 Esports, Khan, Nemiga Gaming, HellRaisers, HYDRA, Team Empire, Creepwave and Brame became invited participants. NoMarci got the opportunity to fight with the rest of the teams, as they went through the preliminary open qualifying round.