BTS Pro Series Season 9 Americas: Thunder Predator Take Back the Leadership

The eighth game day within the BTS Pro Series Season 9 Americas has come to an end, and we, in turn, can sum up the next interim results. All three matches ended in a draw for the first time during the current championship.

The first match featured D2 Hustlers and Lava. The first map was completed in 35 minutes and was completed in favor of D2 Hustlers. 1437 with his comrades made a bet on the mid lane Leshrak and Templar Assassin as the carry and the bet was played. On the second map, D2 Hustlers slightly changed their strategy and did not choose the same heroes, which led to a draw. Lava was able to pick up the second card in 34 minutes.

The second match made us happy with a battle involving Thunder Predator and Black N Yellow. In the first map, events unfolded quickly enough and the characters taken for massive battles bore fruit, and TP gained the upper hand in 26 minutes. Black N Yellow had no intention of giving up and made changes in their actions on the second map. Together with another pick from Thunder Predator, this played a role and, as a result, BNY took the second map in 35 minutes.

In the third match, Black N Yellow and Simply TOOBASED fought against each other. The first fight ended in victory for Simply TOOBASED in 46 minutes. This can be explained by the fact that Black N Yellow at the time of the meeting had not yet had time to rest from the confrontation with the main favorite of the tournament, Thunder Predator. By the second map, the players managed to gather their strength and took it in 26 minutes, bringing the game to a draw. Once again, the representatives of Simply TOOBASED failed to gain the upper hand in the match. They are still at the bottom of the group stage table and tied for eighth place with Arkosh Gaming, who also failed to win a single Bo2 match.

The current position of the teams in the group stage table

As part of the ninth game day, we will be able to look at the following confrontations:


BTS Pro Series Season 9 Americas kicked off on October 29th and will end on November 14th. The total prize pool of the championship is $ 40,000. The winner will take home $ 16,000, while the silver and bronze medalists will receive awards of $ 9,200 and $ 5,300, respectively.