Gabbi can pursue a career in the North American club

Recently a TNC Predator player, Filipino esportsman Kim "Gabbi" Villafurte announced his intention to apply for a visa to the United States and asked fans to help sort out visa requirements. Subscribers suggested that this may be due to Kim's possible transition to the Evil Geniuses organization, because "restructuring" is brewing there.

Earlier, insiders also reported about interest in the esportsman from Nigma Galaxy, where he can take the place of Igor "iLTW" Filatov on the safe lane.

Recall that the last organization for Villafurte was TNC Predator, where he played since September 2018 and helped the team achieve considerable heights, among which the championship at the MDL Chengdu Major can be distinguished. As a result of the defeat at the qualifiers for The International 10, the esports club decided to disband the team and Kim was left without a team.