Army Geniuses say goodbye to you_K and Mamang Daya

A major overhaul in anticipation of the start of the next DPC season continues. Today it became known about the changes in the lineup of Army Geniuses.

The team captain, position 5 support "you_K" and center lane player "MamangDaya" left the Army Geniuses roster. They will be replaced by Azur4 and Varizh.

Army Geniuses current roster

"MamangDaya" and "you_K" have been playing for Army Geniuses since January 2020. During this time, they helped Army Geniuses win the OEDL Fall Invitational and Top Clans 2021 Summer Invitational.

The renewed lineup of Army Geniuses continues to perform at BTS Pro Series Season 9: Southeast Asia and Moon Studio Asian Tigers 2.