Elephant will continue to play together

The big reshuffle continues after The International 10. After the Elephant performance during the season and at the main tournament of the year, most of the elephant fans and fans started talking about the complete disband of the current roster.

Team manager Dong "Hide" Hang hastened to please (or annoy) the club's fans. According to Dong, the Elephant lineup will remain intact.


Comment from Elephant Manager Dong "Hide" Hang

We are not disbanding the line-up, we will have a second year. More details will be announced when we return to China.

Earlier in the network there were rumors that Elephant intends to sell "Somnus'M", "fy" and "Yang" in Team Aster, but they only need "Somnus'M". If the words of the Elephant manager are confirmed, then we can assume that the parties have not reached an agreement.


Elephant Roster

Elephant appeared in October 2020. During its existence, the club has earned $ 811,656, the lion's share of which ($ 600,000) is the prize for 13-16 places at The International 10.