New achievements - flyfly set a new record for the amount of gold received per minute and in general within The International

In the confrontation between Invcitus Gaming and Team Spirit, the carry from the Invictus Gaming team was able to set four new records, as stated on the championship's official Twitter page. The first record went to the player's individual statistics in terms of kills-deaths and assists. He finished the map with a score of 22-0-27, which has never happened before in any tournament. 22 kills per map was the second record. Throughout the game, flyfly was able to earn almost 35,000, and the farm rate was 802 gold received per minute. These are, respectively, the third and fourth records.

As a reminder, Invictus Gaming beat Team Spirit in the upper bracket with a score of 2-1. The Chinese will now face off against Puppey and his teammates from Team Secret. The losers of Spirit fell into the lower bracket, where they sent Fnatic home to pack their bags.

The International 10 Interim Results


The International 2021 kicked off on October 7 and ends on the 17th. The total prize fund of the championship is $ 40,018,195, and 18 best teams in the world, representing six playing regions: North America, South America, CIS, Europe, Southeast Asia and China, are engaged in its distribution. 12 teams made it to The International thanks to the required number of rating points gained during the Dota Pro Circuit 2020/2021 season. The remaining six participants became the best in the regional qualifications.

According to the results of the group stage, Thunder Predator and SG Esports have already completed their path in the championship. The teams took 17-18 places in the standings and received rewards of $ 100,000, which is 0.25% of the total fund. The dropouts were later joined by Elephant, beastcoast, Team Aster and Team Undying. Elephant couldn't beat Evil Geniuses, beastcoast lost against Alliance, Team Aster couldn't do anything with the power of the Quincy Crew, and Fnatic sent Undying home to pack their bags. The four participants who took 13-16 places in the standings will receive cash prizes of $ 600,300, which is 1.5% of the total prize pool. Fnatic and Quincy Crew could not beat Team Spirit and OG respectively and received $ 800400 each, which is 2% of the prize pool.