Collapse from Team Spirit was the first in esports history to buy Armlet of Mordiggan on Mars and win the match at The International 10

Today is a very unusual day for Dota 2 fans. Within its framework, we have already seen how the player set an absolute record for the amount of experience gained per minute at the championships of The International series, and also witnessed the entry of Artur 'Arteezy' Babayev into the esports club, who played more than 1000 cards in Dota 2 on LAN -tournaments. At the same time, we had the opportunity to see how Collapse bought the first Armlet of Mordiggan on Mars in official Dota 2 matches. Such a purchase helped the representatives of Team Spirit gain the upper hand in the fight against Elephant, and after the victory on the second map, the team put an end to this confrontation a triumph for myself.

On the first map against Elephant, Spirit finished in 30 minutes. They defeated their opponents 27-4. Almost half of the kills came from Collapse, with 11 kills and 6 assists. By the way, he never died for a map, and the total damage inflicted on opponents was ~ 25,000. This map and match were Spirit's first victories in The International 10.


The International 2021 kicked off on October 7 and ends on the 17th. The total prize fund of the championship is $ 40,018,195, and 18 best teams in the world, representing six playing regions: North America, South America, CIS, Europe, Southeast Asia and China, are engaged in its distribution. 12 teams made it to The International thanks to the required number of rating points gained during the Dota Pro Circuit 2020/2021 season. The remaining six participants became the best in the regional qualifications.