tRICKED eSports disbanded the CS:GO roster

Representatives of the eSports organization have informed that they will not extend contracts with representatives of the CS:GO roster.

CEO tRICKED eSports Morten «Phy» Jensen said in the official statement that the reason was that players and management were not able to arrange about terms of the contract.

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The 2nd place at Copenhagen Games, the 5th-8th place at ESWC and the 5th-6th place DreamHack Open Tours can be marked among best achievements of tRICKED eSports.

The comment of Morten Jensen:

«We had many talks with our players and the board over the last couple months, without any real progress, while they received a lot of offers after their performance at Dreamhack Tours.

While we're saddened about it, Nicolai has been with Tricked for over a year now, and I'm very proud of the results we ended up with, after more than 12 months of hard work.

It's hard to find more dedicated players, with the drive and ambition to become the best.

Hunden has been the captain of the team, helping the new players feel welcome and shotcalling for everyone.»

The owner of the eSports organization has informed that players are in search of a new team, in which they will play.

The ex-roster of tRICKED eSports:

Nicolai «HUNDEN» Petersen
Patrick «es3tag» Hansen
Johannes «b0RUP» Borup
Asger «AcilioN» Larsen
Michael «Friis» Jørgensen