tRICKED Esport are left without CS:GO-roster

The contracts of tRICKED Esport players have been expired. The players did not manage to come to agreement on the extension of the contracts.

tRICKED Esport main roster consisted of the following players: HUNDEN, b0RUP, AcilioN and Friis. Previously, Patrick «es3tag» Hansen also played for the roster, but at the beginning of June 2017 he moved to Heroic, where he replaced valde.

Jacob «Pimp» Winneche, who was a reserve player for Team Liquid, replaced es3tag in a team.

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When the information appeared that tRICKED Esport are left without CS:GO roster, the captain of the ex-team, HUNDEN, told about plans of the team. HUNDEN, b0RUP and AcilioN will play together, and will gather a new Danish roster. The future of other tRICKED players, Friis and Pimp, who was a reserve, is unknown now.

tRICKED Esport ex-roster:

Nicolai «HUNDEN» Petersen
Johannes «b0RUP» Borup
Asger «AcilioN» Larsen
Michael «Friis» Jorgensen
Jacob «Pimp» Winneche (reserve)