Review of DreamHack Open Atlanta 2018

Recently another championship organised by DreamHack has ended up. Now it's time to sum it up.

Losing teams

Fragsters and Rogue

Review of DreamHack Open Atlanta 2018. Photo 1

These collectives were not expected to gain a lot and their recent results before the championship could be much better and strengthened the doubts about their success.

The Danish players from Fragsters couldn't get any win at matches losing against Rogue and Vitality by the scores 8-16 and 0-2, correspondingly. Because of that Fragsters took the last place both in their group and at the championship and got a consolation prize of $2,000.

Meanwhile, Rogue performed not so poorly as Fragsters, but their performance also can't be named successful. At the first match they managed to win over the Danish, but at the second match against Ghost Gaming and Team Vitality, they lost 13-16 and 0-2, correspondingly. Thanks to one win at the group stage, Rogue took the 5-6 place and got a money reward of $3,000.

Team EnVyUs and eUnited

Review of DreamHack Open Atlanta 2018. Photo 2

While Team EnVyUs weren't expected to show any serious results, eUnited were hoped to get to the playoff, even though the hope wasn't so big.

eUnited managed to get a difficult win 16-13 over Luminosity Gaming. At the next match against compLexity Gaming, the game was difficult and went to overtime. The collectives ended the meeting by the score of 22-19 for coL. At the decisive match against Luminosity Gaming, the Americans couldn't oppose to motivated Brazilians and lost 0-2, finishing their participation in the tournament at the 5-6 place. Their efforts resulted in $3,000.

Team EnVyUs performed as the spectators had expected. They couldn't win either over compLexity Gaming or over Luminosity Gaming and confirmed their being an outsider of the tournament, taking the 7-8 place. Their participation brought them a money reward of $2,000.

Winning teams

Ghost Gaming

Review of DreamHack Open Atlanta 2018. Photo 3

Ghost got to Group B together with such opponents as Team Vitality, Rogue and Fragsters. The Canadian-American roster showed the best result in their group winning over Vitality by the score of 16-12 and defeating Rogue by the score of 16-13. Unfortunately, that was the end of success for the players from Ghost at DreamHack. At the semi-final, they performed against Luminosity Gaming and got a loss at a difficult battle by the score of 1-2. Their efforts and the 3-4 place resulted in a money reward of $10,000 for Ghost Gaming.

compLexity Gaming

Review of DreamHack Open Atlanta 2018. Photo 4

Before the beginning of the tournament, we, as well as the majority of viewers, were not sure that the team would show a good performance at the championship. This conclusion was reached due to the fact that coL hadn't had any good result before. Nevertheless, at this championship compLexity managed to get to Four Best. At the group stage, coL had the best result. The Americans defeated Team EnVyUs 16-6 and eUnited 22-16. At the semi-final, they faced Team Vitality and lost against the French by the score of 1-2. Their efforts and the 3-4 position brought a money reward of $10,000 to compLexity as well as to Ghost Gaming.

Luminosity Gaming

Review of DreamHack Open Atlanta 2018. Photo 5

The Brazilians showed a good performance at DreamHack Atlanta 2018, if we don't pay any attention to the last match. At the initial stage they got to Group A together with such teams as compLexity Gaming, eUnited and Team EnVyUs. There they took the second place. At the first match against eUnited, LG lost 13-16, but managed to win over EnVyUs 2-0, and to win a rematch with eUnited by the score of 2-0. Getting to the playoff, Luminosity Gaming defeated the players from Ghost Gaming at a very difficult match which ended with the score of 2-1. At the Grand Final, the Brazilians couldn't give any opposition to the French players from Team Vitality but took 10 rounds on two maps in total by the score of 2-0. Their second place resulted in a good money reward of $20,000.

Team Vitality

Review of DreamHack Open Atlanta 2018. Photo 6

This tournament became the first event where the new French team performed successfully. Before that NBK- and his teammates couldn't make it to anywhere. At the initial stage, Vitality got to Group B with such opponents as Ghost Gaming, Rogue and Fragsters. The beginning of the tournament was a failure and at the match against Ghost, the French lost by the score of 12-16, but at the next two Bo3 meetings, they managed to rehabilitate. Playing against Fragsters, they got a win 2-0, and the match against Rogue was ended with the same score. Getting to the playoff, Vitality had to beat compLexity, who were their obstacle on their way to the final. Team Vitality coped with the task and got to the Grand Final to win over Luminosity Gaming. There the French felt confident and lost against the Brazilian opponents only 10 rounds on two maps ending the match by the score of 2-0.

Team Vitality became the champions of the tournament and earned $50,000.