Preview of Esports Championship Series Season 3 Finals

The LAN-final of Esports Championship Series Season 3, the championship from FaceIt and YouTube starts today.

[The general information]

ECS #3 Finals will be hosted in the capital of Great Britain on June 23-25. Wembley SSE Arena will become the venue of the tournament, which can contain more than 12,000 viewers and the prize pool of the final stage will amount $660,000. Besides the title of the champion, the winner will earn the main money prize in the sum of $250,000.
[An interesting fact: most of the tournaments from DreamHack have the general prize pool in the sum of the prize for the 1st place at ECS #3 Finals].

The general prize pool will be divided in the following way:

1st place — $250,000
2nd place — $120,000
3rd-4th place — $65,000
5th-6th place — $45,000
7th-8th place — $35,000

The prize pool will be divided by 8 teams, which have shown themselves in the best way at the leagues of the European and North American division.

The list of participants:

North America

SK Gaming
OpTic Gaming
Team Liquid

FaZe Clan
G2 Esports

The largest gaming CS:GO platform, Faceit and the biggest video hosting, YouTube is responsible for the organizing of the tournament, as it was mentioned at the beginning. The championship is carried out with the support of such companies as Corsair Gaming, DXRacer and theScore eSports.

The LAN-final, as most of the final stages, will be hosted in two stages: the group one and the playoff. Organizers have decided that the group stage will be carried out in a GSL system with Bo1 and Bo3 matches. Teams, which show themselves the best at the group stage, will face each other at the next stage, in a Single Elimination bracket, which will include 4 teams. Matches of the group stage will be played in the first two days and participants will play three matches of the playoff stage in one day.

[The analysis of teams by groups]

This time I have decided to make an analysis by groups not individually as usual. The disbalance of groups has become the reason for this and the outcome of events will be very difficult to forecast.

Group A

FaZe Clan SK Gaming G2 Esports OpTic Gaming

This group is strong enough. There are the strongest teams in the world, which are in a great shape, except OpTic Gaming. Two of four participants of Group A have a victory series on their score. G2 Esports won two tournaments in a row: they achieved a victory at DreamHack Tours 2017 and at ESL Pro League Season 5 Finals. SK Gaming, in its turn, has the series of three victories in a row. They became triumphant in such championships as cs_summit, Intel Extreme Masters XII — Sydney and DreamHack Summer 2017. These facts can say about G2 Esports and SK Gaming is on the top of their shape, prepare very hard for every tournament, including ECS #3, and are not ready to give the victory to their opponents. Besides them, there is one more strong team — this is the European mix FaZe Clan. After the confident victory at StarLadder i-League StarSeries Season 3, FaZe became the vice-champions of Intel Extreme Masters XII — Sydney and held the 7th place at ESL Pro League Season 5. FaZe Clan has not played official matches for two weeks and it would seem that this team looks not as steady as SK Gaming and G2 Esports but the taken 1st place at the European division of ECS #3 says otherwise. FaZe Clan is not going give the victory to the opponents in their group too. What about OpTic Gaming, these guys are «the dark horse» in their group. They are not expected to have high results but there is still the possibility that the Americans will hold, at least, the 2nd place and come out to the playoff.

It will be interesting to follow the matches of Group A, this will be the battle of strongest.

Group B

Cloud9 Astralis Team Liquid Fnatic

In my opinion, there are two favorites in Group B, which have the biggest chances to come out to the playoff: winners of the 1st showmatch in the history with the prize pool in the sum of $250,000, the Danish team Astralis and the vice-champions of the recent DreamHack Summer 2017, the Swedish team Fnatic, which plays better and better at every tournament. It is worth to notice that Astralis has finished its participation in the European league on the 2nd place, which is a very good result at the tournament of such level. Concerning Team Liquid and Cloud9, we can say that these teams are in a bad shape right now and, probably, will show nothing at this tournament.

[Questions for the upcoming Esports Championship Series Season 3]

How will FaZe Clan participate after a two-week break from official matches? Will NiKo together with the team come out to the playoff and to the Grand Final? Is the 1st place at the league of the European division the set of circumstances or the deserved achievement?
Do OpTic Gaming, Cloud9 and Team Liquid deserve the status of «the underdog» in their groups? What will American teams show?
Who will win the battle between two strongest teams, which have a victory series on their score? SK Gaming or G2 Esports? Will someone of these two teams be able to continue a victory series?
How will Fnatic play? Will they satisfy the fastened expectations? How far will olofmeister and the team get?

The first match of the tournament starts today at 11:15 UTC +0. Participants of Group A, FaZe Clan and OpTic Gaming will have to open the first gaming day.