MIBR invited to ESL One Cologne 2019

Before such teams as Astralis, BIG, FaZe Clan, Natus Vincere and Ninjas in Pyjamas had received their invitations. The organizers are going to give six more invitations. The information about the teams that will get it will appear later. In total, sixteen teams will participate in the championship. Four out of them will pass qualifiers in Europe, North America and Asia. The European division will have two quotas while the others will be provided with only one for each.

ESL One Cologne 2019 will be taking place from 2 till 7 July in Germany. The main prize pool of the tournament will consist of $300,000. The way the prize money will be divided will be revealed later. The winners of the previous tournament are Natus Vincere, winning over BIG at the final. Their efforts resulted in $125,000 for them.