Luminosity sign WinOut roster

Luminosity Gaming announced signing Brazilian roster, previous member of WinOut team.

In the beginning of July, LG lost their CS:GO roster. Gabriel "FalleN" Toledo together with his teammates left the organization to join SK Gaming. There were rumors that organization would start to cooperate with Renegades Australian roster. However, Luminosity decided to sign Brazilian roster (ex-WinOut).

Bruno "bit" Lima commentaries:

"We are all very proud to be part of LG Family, really excited to represent one of the biggest organizations in the world. As a team, we've been working really hard for the past months and this is the right opportunity for us to achieve our dreams. LG has a really big Brazilian fan base and we will do 150% to make them proud."

Luminosity current roster:

Renato "nak" Nakano

Bruno "bit" Lima

Lucas "destiny" Bullo

Vinicios "PKL" Coelho