dERZKIY left Nemiga

Nemiga Gaming announced parting ways with dERZKIY. Igor Radosavlevich is a free agent now.

Personal issues of esportsman were identified as the reason to leave team. dERZKIY told that he has no possibility to go to bootcamp in Minsk from Saint Petersburg regularly.

Igor Radosavlevich was playing for Nemiga since June, when Belarusian organization signed a roster that previously was known as K29. Since then, dERZKIY together with the team took 7-8 place on CIS Minor.

In the official VKontakte group, Nemiga informed that they have started to search for the fifth player. They already have candidates for a vacant place, but it’s necessary to test these players.

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Nemiga roster:

Roman «CyberFocus» Dergach
Roman «roman» Redihin
Kirill «hitMouse» Tsarev
Vladimir «ROBO» Neskey

Yuriy «keep3r» Mikulchik (coach)