CS:GO Update 07.10.16

The game client has been updated this morning. The developed returned graffiti featured in all previous Counter Strike versions expect for the CS:GO.

Update details:


– Added ability to draw graffiti.

– Added Community Graffiti Box 1 to the current offers list.

– Added CS:GO Graffiti Box to the current offers list.

– For a limited time every player who launches the game gets a graffiti pattern.

– Added graffiti to the list of weekly drops.

– Added graffiti FAQ


– Enhanced reliability of smoke grenades popping with the help of extinguish fire when smoke grenade bounces displacement surfaces.

– Fixed respawn waves in several missions.

– Added connect and playcast commands steam support.


– Fixed audibility of M4A1-S at long range.

– Lowered weapon sounds volume.

– Modified volume mix adjustments.