Binary Dragons has become the organizers of the tournament in the sum of $20,000

The nameless eSports organization Binary Dragons has decided to make a statement to the whole Europe - the directorship has announced the championship with $20,000 of the prize pool. The tournament has got the name  Binary Dragons csgopolygon Season 1 and 16 teams predominantly from Europe will fight for the title of champions.

The full list of participants:

FlipSid3 Tactics 
Epsilon eSports  
PENTA Sports  
Vega Squadron  

Team Kinguin  
Space Soldiers
Invite #1
Invite #2
Qualification #1
Qualification #2
Finalist of BD Cup #5
Finalist of BD Cup #5


Ten invites will be given directly by the organizers, 8 of them are known now and teams will have to struggle for the rest of tickets - two slots will be held by the finalists of Binary Dragons Cup #5 and two more will be received by teams having passed the open qualifications. Everyone can take part in the qualifiers, the registration is available there.

The final part of the competition will be carried online from March 25 to April 2. All participants will be divided into groups of the GSL format with best-of-one matches. 8 best teams will get to the play-off stage, where they will be put into the single-elimination bracket with best-of-five matches. The winner of the championship will receive about $12,000.