EPIC League CIS: the second round of battles in the CIS has come to an end

At the EPIC League CIS, the matches of the second round have come to an end. In two days, 4 meetings were played, some of which gave us unpredictable results.

Round two kicked off with a surprise defeat for NaVi against Entropiq. Born to win dry lost their debut match.

After forZe outplayed Nemiga on three maps, and Spirit turned out to be stronger than Gambit on two maps. The last match of the round ended with a technical victory for Virtus.pro over Trident Clan.

Moving on to the bottom seed. There K23 outplayed MLN 2-0, Akuma outplayed Grond 2-0, PEPSI beat IN.GAME 2-1, and 1win defeated 100PG 2-0.


EPIC League CIS started on May 12 and will end on the 30th. At the tournament, 16 teams from the CIS will compete for $ 40,000 and 7,900 RMR points.