NaVi are the winners of WePlay! Clutch island

The rating championship of the WePlay series has come to an end! Clutch Island whereby Natus Vincere became champions. S1mple and the company beat Team Spirit in the final with a score of 2: 0 and guaranteed $ 15,000 in prize money and 2,000 rating points, while the second finalist got $ 10,000 and 1,750 points.

Prize pool distribution:

1st place: NaVi - $ 15,000 + 2000 points
2nd place: Spirit - $ 10.00 + 1875 points
3rd place: Virtus.Pro - $ 6,000 + 1750 points
4th place: Nemiga - $ 5,000 + 1625 points

It is worth noting that, thanks to the victory at this event, “Born to Win” got to the second line of the rating for the whole season. Team Spirit is still in the first position and ahead of the nearest pursuer by only 45 points.