The review of WePlay! Clutch Island

Battles in the tropical forests on the island WePlay! Clutch Island have come to its logical end. What moments were the most remarkable at the tournament? We have rewound time and will try to answer the above-mentioned question.

We will say directly that the tournament was very interesting and the original production by WePlay! cannot but please us. The $50,000 championship will stay in many viewers’ minds, except for fans of Hard Legion Esports, as another good competition with the participation of CIS teams. You can read about why we did not include fans of Hard Legion Esports on the list of happy fans below.

The unsuccessful performance by Moscow Five Academy

The academy roster of Moscow Five was interesting for the audience, which has been following the CIS stage of the discipline since CS 1.6. Fans of the legendary tag Moscow Five were following with bated breath how the representatives of Moscow Five Academy were playing but they did not receive what they expected. As a result, the team lost everything that could be lost and placed 12th-13th, having become one of three teams, which have left the championship with nothing.

Hard Legion Esports’ failure and the departure of their coach

There was a quite extraordinary situation during WePlay! Clutch Island. After Hard Legion Esports managed to make it to the second stage but did not show any results, which could meet the viewers’ expectations, the scandal with the participation of the team’s coach and the owner of the organization happened. After the lost matches, the coach zoneR and the owner of the esports club Hard Play told that they stopped their partnership and the coach has been searching for a new job since then. As a reason, Hard Play mentions insubordination and other less important reasons for such an action. Later the new details of the scandal appeared and viewers can look at the situation from the other perspective. If you are interested in this topic, we will offer you to watch the video where ceh9 looks into the situation and tells what has happened.
As a result, Hard Legion Esports have held the 8th place at the championship, earned $3,000 and 1125 rating points but the players have now left without their mentor.

Nemiga,, Team Spirit, and NAVI

The players from Nemiga,, and Spirit have surprised the public with their performance for sure. The first two teams managed to hold the leading places in the group stage and proceed to the playoffs. Finally, they placed 3rd and 4th and both teams finished their path at the championship after the match with Team Spirit. The last ones have made it to the top 2 and competed with Natus Vincere in the grand final. The battle for the championship title appeared to be not that interesting as fans of Spirit would like it to be, however, fans of Natus Vincere were very happy. Natus Vincere lost 9 rounds on each of the two played maps and finished the tournament with a victory. Natus Vincere earned the reward of $15,000 and 2,000 rating points for their efforts and Team Spirit, which had performed very well, made $10,000 and 1875 rating points.

The results of WePlay! Clutch Island