G2 and Entropiq secure second victories at PGL Major Stockholm 2021 Legends Stage

The first four meetings of the second round of the PGL Major Stockholm 2021 Legends Stage have ended, following which G2 is close to reaching the playoffs of the championship. At the same time, the Copenhagen Flames, FaZe Clan, Liquid and Gambit teams will start the next game day with a score of "1-1". In addition, Evil Geniuses and ENCE were on the verge of being eliminated from the championship.

G2 - FaZe Clan

The second round of the competition was opened by a principled meeting between G2 and FaZe Clan. But if the starting advantage on the Mirage map remained with FaZe Clan, then closer to the changeover, the Balkan-French not only caught up, but also got a big handicap. In the second half, G2 did not have any problems at all to deal with the rival and register the second victory in the championship - 16: 7.

Evil Geniuses - Copenhagen Flames

There was no sensation in the parallel match, since the North American team, starting in the attack on the Nuke map, quickly realized their helplessness in front of the opponent. As a result, Copenhagen Flames not only defeated EG in the first half, but also confidently closed the second half without losing a single round - 16: 2.

Liquid - ENCE

The second batch of matches became a battleground for Liquid and ENCE, who fought for the right not to fall into the company of Evil Geniuses. However, from the very start of the Dust 2 map, it became clear that both teams were not in the mood to fall into the abyss, clinging to each round. Nevertheless, Liquid's defense proved to be adamant, thanks to which the team confidently finished the second half with a 16: 9 rout.

Gambit - Entropiq

The first CIS derby of the game of the day gave us a bright fight on the Vertigo map. And if in the first half Gambit showed a decent game in defense in order to get three rounds of advantage over the side switching, after the side switching, Gambit completely lost the game, which was successfully used by the Entropiq players, who recorded the second victory in the Legends stage - 16: 9.


PGL Major Stockholm 2021 runs from October 26 to November 7 in Sweden. 24 teams are competing for a prize pool of $ 2,000,000, as well as BLAST Premier and ESL Pro Tour points. The championship playoffs will take place at the Avicii Arena with spectators, while the early stages of the championship take place in a studio format.