PGL Major Stockholm 2021: ENCE advances to the Legends stage and TYLOO leaves the tournament

The next match of the fourth round of the PGL Major Stockholm 2021 Challengers Stage has ended, according to the results of which ENCE goes to the Legends stage, while TYLOO leaves the tournament. However, their rivals, the team's BIG and the Movistar Riders, will continue his speech tomorrow, 29 October.

Movistar Riders - TYLOO

An initially simple game for the Spanish team started on the Inferno map. However, the Chinese quickly showed their attitude, imposing the fight on the favorite. Nevertheless, a series of successful rounds in the ending allowed Movistar Riders to close TYLOO with a score of 16:14, and at the same time to lead the series.

Then the teams got to Mirage, which became the choice of the Chinese team. And if the Spaniards were still trying to fight in defense, then after the side change, TYLOO literally ran over the favorite, thereby reviving the intrigue in the match - 16: 7.

The leader of the series was the Vertigo map, which was initially developed in favor of Movistar Riders. However, after the switch-over, TYLOO managed to turn the tide of the game, bringing the matter to overtime. And yet, in the decisive rounds, the Spanish team took their toll, thereby earning the right to stay at PGL Major Stockholm 2021 Challengers Stage - 19:16.


The European derby started on Dust 2, which was the BIG team's choice. At the same time, ENCE began to impose its own pace from the very start, which managed to get a comfortable advantage over the side switching. But everything turned out to be in vain, because after switching sides the Germans demonstrated confident defense, giving the opponent only one round - 16:10.

Then the teams got to Mirage, where BIG didn't look so confident. And if the starting segment nevertheless went in favor of the German team, then closer to the change of sides, and then in the second half, ENCE showed character, having managed to equalize the score in the series - 16: 8.

Everything was decided on the Nuke map, where Snappi and company, having started in defense, got a great advantage even before switching sides. But even in the attack, ENCE continued to push the opponent, who never came up with a way to cope with the favorite's attack - 16:10.


PGL Major Stockholm 2021 runs from October 26 to November 7 in Sweden. 24 teams are competing for a prize pool of $ 2,000,000, as well as BLAST Premier and ESL Pro Tour points. The championship playoffs will take place at the Avicii Arena with spectators, while the early stages of the championship take place in a studio format.