Copenhagen Flames, FaZe Clan, ENCE and started with victories at PGL Major Stockholm 2021

The first pack of matches in the framework of PGL Major Stockholm 2021 has ended, as a result of which four teams have become the leaders of the Challengers stage. At the same time, it was not without loud sensations, since the Astralis team had already found their defeat.

Astralis - Copenhagen Flames

The Danish derby took place on the Overpass map. However, Astralis, cheerfully starting in the attack, at some point stopped surprising the opponent, but at the same time continued to show aggression. The guys from Copenhagen Flames quickly coped with this, who not only understood the favorite's game model, but also took the lead before the side change - 9: 6. However, in the second half, Astralis' troubles continued, as Copenhagen Flames showed exemplary attacking play, without losing a single round to the opponent - 16: 6.

Spirit - FaZe Clan

The side-by-side encounter also took place on the Overpass map. However, in this case, the favorite quickly ran ahead, since the Russian team woke up too late, having managed to take only six rounds in defense. But Spirit's attack was not strong enough to cope with FaZe Clan. As a result, the European team very confidently closed the opponent, avoiding unnecessary problems - 16:11.


The debut game for ENCE and GODSENT at PGL Major Stockholm 2021 took place on Nuke map. And if at the start of the confrontation the Brazilians managed to get ahead, then closer to the changeover ENCE got used to the opponent's style, taking possession of a comfortable advantage - 9: 6. However, after the changeover, ENCE showed a confident attack and seized the initiative, having managed to secure the first victory in this tournament - 16:10.

paiN -

Another match started on the map Inferno, which perfectly suits the game of both teams. At the same time, the starting advantage went to the Brazilians, who at first managed to surprise VP with early aggression. Nevertheless, the team from the CIS got the necessary rounds to take the lead in the account before the change of sides - 8: 7. However, the second half was again marked by a fierce struggle, from which managed to get out as a winner - 16:14.


PGL Major Stockholm 2021 runs from October 26 to November 7 in Sweden. 24 teams are competing for a prize pool of $ 2,000,000, as well as BLAST Premier and ESL Pro Tour points. The championship playoffs will take place at the Avicii Arena with spectators, while the early stages of the championship take place in a studio format.