FURIA becomes first IEM Fall 2021 North America Grand Finalist

Team FURIA becomes the first IEM Fall 2021 North America Grand Finalist. In the semifinal derby, the Brazilians proved to be stronger than their compatriots from paiN with a score of 2: 0.

The semi-final series began on Inferno, which became the favorite's pick. And if in the first half in the attack paiN managed to provide a comfortable groundwork, then after the change of sides, FURIA already began to churn out round after rounds, reducing the gap. As a result, the Brazilians went to overtime, as a result of which the FURIA players appeared stronger - 19:16.

Many expected to see Ancient fight as paiN chose one of her strongest cards. However, FURIA quickly showed confidence, thereby confusing the opponent's cards. As a result, after the first half it was time to close the shop, noting the complete annihilation. But even after the change of sides, FURIA continued to break all the templates, bringing the matter to an indecent - 16: 0.

Now FURIA will face the winner of the Liquid - GODSENT pair in the grand final. In turn, paiN will be preparing for the match for 3rd place at IEM Fall 2021 North America, where it will play against the loser of the aforementioned pair.


IEM Fall 2021 North America runs from October 5-10 online. 12 North American teams are competing for a $ 70,000 prize pool as well as precious RMR Points that will help five teams from the region qualify for PGL Major Stockholm 2021.

IEM Fall 2021 North America Interim Results