FURIA wins IEM Fall 2021 North America

The FURIA team became the winner of IEM Fall 2021 North America, beating their compatriots from GODSENT in the grand final with a score of 3: 0. Note that in a parallel match Liquid beat paiN with a score of 2: 1 and took 3rd place in the IEM Fall 2021 North America.


The grand final started on Mirage, which unfortunately ended too quickly. The thing is that FURIA destroyed all attempts of the opponent to dominate, developing its superiority round after round. As a result, at its peak, FURIA was unshakable - 16: 6.

However, already on Inferno we saw a fight, because after the defeat in the first half, the FURIA players had to show their character in order not to give the victory to their opponent. As a result, arT and the company made a beautiful comeback, thereby breaking the moral component of GODSENT - 16:14.

GODSENT players have already frankly played out the Nuke card, since they finally resigned themselves to their fate. And FURIA continued to press, quickly running forward. In the end, everything ended in favor of the favorite, who showed confident play before the next stop in Europe - 16: 8.

paiN - Liquid

The battle for 3rd place started on the Overpass map, which became a rather unexpected choice of "liquid". However, the North Americans quickly seized the initiative, thus crushing paiN with a score of 16: 9.

However, on Nuke, the situation abruptly changed its direction, as the Brazilians had already taken a dominant position, tearing Liquid apart in the attack with a score of 11: 4. Of course, after the change of sides, paiN managed to close the map with a score of 16: 7 without any problems and bring the case to the desider.

The Vertigo map again made changes to the balance of forces, as Liquid already showed confident play in the first half, having issued a rout. And after the changeover, the Brazilians did not come up with anything, finally giving the victory in favor of Liquid - 16: 4.

IEM Fall 2021 North America took place from October 5-10 online. 12 North American teams competed for a prize pool of $ 70,000, as well as precious RMR points.

Results of IEM Fall 2021 North America