defeats Gambit, NAVI smashes Akuma - the equator of the second day of IEM Fall 2021 CIS

We draw a line at the equator of the second game day in the framework of IEM Fall 2021 CIS, introducing the matches of the third and fourth rounds in groups B and A, respectively.

Group B - third round

Gambit -

The most interesting meeting in the group aroused widespread interest from the community, as this match decided the fate of one of the two places in the championship playoffs. Surprisingly, both halves on the Mirage map turned out to be equal, which forced the teams to go into overtime. However, here turned on at full capacity, closing the principal rival with a score of 22:20, and at the same time breaking out into the sole leaders of the tournament table.

forZe - K23

The losers of the first game day, forZe, finally got their first points in the tournament, beating K23 in a tense match. Interestingly, the teams agreed to play three points on the Vertigo map, which they had not played on until that moment. However, shooting in defense allowed the Russian teams to win the first meeting, and at the same time earn three points.

INDE IRAE - Unique

In the meeting between the two outsiders of Group B, there was nothing interesting from the point of view of a common man in the street. However, the Russian team showed exemplary defense on the Mirage map, thus closing the rival with a score of 16:14.

Group A - round four

NAVI - Akuma

The fourth round was opened by a meeting between NAVI and Akuma. And if in the attack "Born to Win" still gave the opponent room for liberties, then after the change of sides s1mple and the company issued a quick break from the Ukrainian team. As a result, Akuma managed to win the entire round in attack without showing anything interesting - 16: 8 and easy three points for NAVI.

Nemiga - AVE

Nemiga and AVE presented another tense duel, the fate of which was again decided in overtime. However, the Belarusian team, having a little more experience, managed to put the squeeze on the opponent and earn another three points - 19:17.

Spirit - Entropiq

In the final meeting of Group A, teams Spirit and Entropiq could have predetermined the fate of two tickets to the playoffs of the championship. Overpass started off with a tight fight, which resulted in Entropiq providing a slight edge over the side switching. However, Spirit, having started the second half well, finally fizzled out towards the end, thus giving the victory to Entropiq.


IEM Fall 2021 CIS runs from September 29 to October 3 online. Twelve teams are competing for a prize pool of $ 50,000, as well as 12,657 RMR points, which will be distributed among the top five.