NAVI becomes the second finalist of IEM Fall 2021 CIS

The NAVI team becomes the second finalist of the IEM Fall 2021 CIS. In the second semi-final, the team outplayed with a score of 2: 0 and advanced to the grand final of the competition after Gambit. In turn, Team Spirit won the fight for 5th place, beating the sensation of the tournament - the INDE IRAE team in a dramatic match.


The semi-final with NAVI's participation began on the Inferno map, which was clearly prepared by the guys from VP. As a result, the “hosts” quickly seized the advantage, ending the first half with a twofold advantage. However, after the change of sides, NAVI began to catch up, having managed to reduce the game to overtime. But here “Born to Win” turned out to be morally stronger, having snatched a victory at the rival's peak - 19:16.

On Mirage, NAVI has already won the first half with a score of 10: 5, creating a serious bid for the end of the map. As a result, the team, although it did not show a well-coordinated game in defense, but, not without the help of the starting advantage, ensured the victory on its own choice - 16:12.

Team Spirit - INDE IRAE

The match for 5th place began on Ancient. which the "dragons" chose. However, according to the game, it was impossible to say that Spirit is the favorite of the meeting, given the phenomenal INDE IRAE lead in the second half. Nevertheless, Spirit showed a "champion" character, having managed to save herself from failure, to shift the case to overtime, and then scratch out a victory on her choice - 22:20.

On Mirage, it became very easy for the "dragons", because after the monstrous ending of the first map, the INDE IRAE players clearly swam, having thought of nothing in the attack. As a result, after the first half, it was time to dry the oars, since the next defeat was planned. But INDE IRAE nevertheless took its two rounds, winning the pistol round and then the adjacent round. And yet this did not help the team to escape from the inevitable victory of Spirit with a score of 16: 2.

Now, within the framework of IEM Fall 2021 CIS, there are two meetings left. And if Gambit and NAVI fight in the grand final, Entropiq and will play in the match for 3rd place.


IEM Fall 2021 CIS runs from September 29 to October 3 online. Twelve teams are competing for a prize pool of $ 50,000, as well as 12,657 RMR points, which will be distributed among the top five.

Interim results of IEM Fall 2021 CIS