NAVI and Spirit continue to go unbeaten at IEM Fall 2021 CIS

NAVI and Spirit gained another victory in the group stage, continuing to go unbeaten at IEM Fall 2021 CIS. Following the results of the third round of the competition in Group A, a duo of favorites was formed to reach the playoffs.

NAVI - Entropiq

The most interesting meeting of the game day in Group A took place on the Nuke map. Entropiq got off to a solid start in defense, claiming a victory after the first half with a score of 11: 4. However, “Born to Win” showed character already in the third match, making a beautiful comeback in the second half, and at the same time earning another three points - 16:14.

Spirit - AVE

"Dragons" continued to bend their line and destroy everyone in their path. This time, the guys from AVE fell into the arm of Spirit, who after three rounds at the very beginning of the meeting could not oppose anything to their more experienced opponent. As a result, Spirit issued another defeat in the tournament, continuing to lead in the standings in terms of round difference - 16: 3.

Nemiga - Akuma

In another meeting, the Belarusian team finally earned the first points in the championship, without meeting a worthy resistance from Akuma. And if in the first half we saw the struggle performed by the Ukrainians, then after the change of sides Nemiga finally took the initiative, having issued an easy victory on the Inferno map - 16: 9.


IEM Fall 2021 CIS runs from September 29 to October 3 online. Twelve teams are competing for a prize pool of $ 50,000, as well as 12,657 RMR points, which will be distributed among the top five.