IEM Fall - CIS: the equator of the first day is behind

The first day of the last RMR tournament of the season continues. Behind two rounds in Group A and one in Group B.

Results of the first round in group B

All the fights of the first round of group B turned out to be close, and one of them ended not quite as expected. outplayed Team K23 with a score of 16-11, forZe lost to Unique with a score of 12-16, and Gambi Esports beat INDE IRAE with a score of 16-13 in a bitter struggle.

Thus, the trio VP, Unique and Gambit break into the leaders, but it's too early to rejoice. The second round has already started, which means that the situation can still change dramatically.


Results of the second round of group A

In the second round of Group A, the matches were not so close. The most equal of them between Nemiga and NaVi ended 16-14 in favor of "born to win", Spirit defeated Akuma with only 4 rounds, and AVE was 3 rounds short of closing Entropiq.

Thus, the leaders did not change after the second round. Team Spirit, NaVi and Entropiq share the first line, and we will see the next round of Group A tomorrow.


IEM Fall 2021 CIS started on September 29 and will end on October 3. The tournament will play out $ 50,000 and 12,657 RMR points.