ESL One New York 2019

General information

The CS:GO championship has taken place every September since 2016. This time the prize pool has been decreased to $200,000, however, the holding format has not been changed. The event will be taking place from 26 till 29 September in Barclays Center. The division of two hundred thousand dollars will be done by eight teams.

Prize pool

At the moment there is no information about the way the prize money will be shared.

Holding format

The holding format will be classic for the tournament where eight teams will be playing. All the teams will start with the group stage where they will be seeded into two groups. By the way, the seeding will be done by the ESL format. There the teams will be playing by the GSL system and all the matches including the starting ones and the winners' matches will be held by the Bo3 format. Four best participants will get to the playoff and will get to the single-elimination bracket. The semifinals will be held in the series up to two wins and the final battle will be taking place in the series up to three wins.