cs_summit 4

General information

The CS:GO championship was held from 23 till 26 May in Los ANgeles in a new house of в the studio Beyond The Summit. The whole prize pool will consist of $150,000, and its division will be done by six invited teams.

As a reminder, the unique peculiarity of the tournament from Beyond The Summit is a home atmosphere at ease where analytics sit in front of TV wearing home clothes and stream the championship instead of doing their job at the studio.


There is no information about holding of the fourth cs_summit yet but making conclusions from the way the former tournaments were held, we can suppose that the teams will start their way to the top at the playoff stage that will be held in the Double Elimination bracket. The format of all matches except for the grand final will be Bo3, and the final meeting will end up with a series of three wins.


All the participants got invited directly. The lucky owners of the invitations are ENCE eSports, Team Liquid, Ghost Gaming, NRG Esports, Renegades and Team Vitality.

Prize pool

There is no official information about the way the prize money will be divided. Last year OpTic Gaming got a money reward of $63,750 being the winner of the event, However, we should notice that only eight collectives participated in cs_summit 3 last year, so the division will be changed the most likely as well as the main prize.