PAX Arena Invitational semi-finalists announced

The quarterfinals of the PAX Arena Invitational ended late tonight. Three of the four matches ended 2-0. Only the ShahZaM team played a full bo3.

Team SoloMid and Team Envy met in the first match. The winner of Group A confidently closed the meeting in his favor. Team SoloMid 2-0 Team Envy.

The second match turned out to be the brightest. The team of former professional CSGO player ShahZaM, Sentinels, faced off against renowned multi- gaming Gen.G Esports. The Sentinels turned out to be stronger in the fight on three maps. As a result, 2-1 in favor of the ShahZaM team.

In the third match of the day, T1 and Homeless met. Skadoodle and brax did not help T1 advance to the semi-finals. As a result, Homeless is 2-0.

In the closing match, Cloud9 and Immortals met. The TenZ team confidently outplayed the opponents from Immortals. 2-0 in favor of Cloud9.

The semi-finals start tonight. We are waiting for the battles between TeamSoloMid and Sentinels and the Homeless match against Cloud9. Semifinal matches will start today at 00:00 Moscow time.