PAX Arena Invitational finalists announced

On the night of July 26, the semi-finals of the PAX Arena Invitational ended. The two matches ended 2-0.

The first semi-final took place between the Sentinels and Team SoloMid teams. On the first map, the Sentinels left no chance for TSM with a 13-3 win. Bind was also played one way, 13-4 in favor of the Sentinels. Thus, the ShahZaM team became the first finalist.

In the second match Cloud9 and Homeless met. This meeting turned out to be more interesting. On the first map, TenZ and the company met with worthy resistance, but being stronger won with a score of 13-8. The second map was easier for Cloud9, and they won 13-6.

The Sentinels and Cloud9 will meet in the PAX Arena Invitational Grand Final. They will compete for $ 15,000 for the IGNITION Series Champion title. The finals are scheduled to start at 00:00 Moscow time, July 26.