Week 5 of LCS Spring 2021 comes to an end

In the American Regional League, the LCS has come to the end of week 5 of the group stage. In 3 days we managed to enjoy 15 matches.

On the first game day, 6 matches passed: Dignitas defeated TSM and Golden Guards, EG defeated 100 Thieves, C9 defeated FlyQuest, Team Liquid defeated Golden Guards, CLG defeated Immortals. On the second day, 5 matches took place: TMS won against 100 Thieves, Liquid outplayed C9, Immortals were stronger than EG, FlyQuest bypassed CLG, and in the final match 100 Thieves partially rehabilitated themselves, beating Golden Guards.

All 4 matches took place on the final day of the week. In the first one, Dignitas outplayed EG, then TSM defeated C9, Team Liquid defeated CLG, and the day ended with the victory of Immortals over Flyquest.

The LCS matches will continue in a week on March 13th. 3 days of high-quality American League of Legends await us again.