Cloud9 League of Legends team

There is not always an opportunity to enjoy the play of the favorite team Cloud9. On the website EGamersWorld, actual statistics of the discipline League of Legends can always be seen, which will allow you to find out how the match with the participation of the favorite team Cloud9 was played.

Statistical indicators of Cloud9:

The number of victories in the last 5 matches: 1 (20%).

Cloud9 played 22 matches over the last 3 months and won 13 matches - 60%.
Over the past year, Cloud9 played 56 matches and achieved victory in 34 matches - 61%.

Cloud9 will play the nearest match with the team Coming soon at the tournament Coming soon on Coming soon.

It is worth reminding that the last match of Cloud9 was carried out against the team T1 at the tournament Worlds 2022 LoL - Group Stage on 13.10.2022.

In the above-mentioned match, the players from the team T1 appeared to be stronger who defeated the opponent with a score of 1:0.

Fans of the team Cloud9 are not excited about the team’s recent results. 1 victory(victories) in 5 matches reflect the team’s unstable play.

Cloud 9 is a top-tier team North American team that's participating in the NA LCS. One of the most popular names in the game's history, this team continues to live up to their name to this day.

What is the current roster of Cloud9 League of Legends
In last matches for Cloud9 played: Jensen Zven Blaber Malice Zeyzal
When is the umcoming match for Cloud9 League of Legends
Information about the upcoming Cloud9 matches is currently unavailable. Stay tuned on EGamersWorld
What is the nearest tournament with the participation of Cloud9 League of Legends
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