Match Prediction: Tundra Esports - Team Secret | Dota 2

Crowds in Singapore. Singapore Indoor Stadium is preparing to host The International 2022 grand final.

This year we are waiting for the European derby, which will happen for the first time since 2019. It is frankly difficult to overestimate the importance and significance of such a confrontation. We are not going to do this, but we are just looking forward to the start of the culminating match of the year.

Repetitions of the final of the upper bracket of the playoffs. Tunda and Team Secret. One bo5. Fateful game.

Let's figure out who will be stronger in the European derby worth 10,000,000 dollars and the Aegis of Champions in prize status.

Tundra Esports Uniform

Let's start the analysis of the match with the team that advanced to the grand final from the upper bracket. This is Tundra Esports.

Many wanted to see Tundra in the grand finals of the main esports world championship last year, but then Tundra failed to pass the qualifiers. AT

this season, only a daredevil could call Tundra Esports a contender for the grand final.

The Saksa team looked rather mediocre at the end of the season, but at The International 2022 everything became clear: Tundra is in a rush and it will be very difficult to stop them.

Tundra Esports performance

Tundra Esports got to The International 2022 from the 9th place in the DPC table. All thanks to a landmark performance during the season.

The team took the TOP-3 at the DPC WEU 2021/2022 Tour 1: Division 1, after which they entered only the TOP-4 at the regional finals without earning DPC points.

The second round in the regional league did not start much better: Tundra took 4th place in the home league, which did not bring much DPC points, but gave something much more important - a ticket to ESL One Stockholm.

At the first real Major of the year, Tundra Esports took third place..

Inspired by getting into the TOP-3 at ESL One Stockholm, Tundra approached the third round of the DPC with renewed vigor, where, unlike the previous ones, they shone. The first place in the regional league of Western Europe allowed the Saksa team to advance to the second Major of the year.

It seemed that the best team in Western Europe should prove themselves in the international arena, especially since Tundra have already made themselves known in Stockholm, what can go wrong in Arlington, where the PGL Arlington Major was held? Well, things went wrong.

The team took TOP-16 at the second major tournament, which, after TOP-8 at the commercial Riyadh Master, seriously reduced faith in the club at the upcoming The International.

However, from the start of the Tundra tournament, this belief was not only returned, but also strengthened many times over.

Tundra Esports at The International 2022

On the main arena of the year, Tundra Esports played in Group B. The opponents of the current contender for the passage to the grand finals were Spirit, Entity, Fnatic, Team Aster and the same Secret.

Despite some solid competition, 33 and company made it through the group stage with ease. The team did not lose a single series and gave up points in 4 out of 9.

The group stage is one thing, playing in the playoffs is completely different. This is quite relevant for competitive DotA, because we have witnessed how the team fails the playoffs after the groups (like EG this year, for example), but this did not happen in the case of Tundra.

In the first match of the playoffs, the team swept away OG in less than an hour for two maps, after which they advanced to Aster. The group B rival Tundra was also outplayed, closing Monet and the company on the first map in 40 minutes, and on the second after a sluggish start in 49.

The most difficult series before this happened in the final of the upper bracket. Secret looked extremely cheerful in the match for reaching the grand final and managed to take the card from their counterparts. Nevertheless, thanks to the author's style, Tundra Esports managed to finish the game in their favor.

Tundra Esports roster

  • skiter
  • Nine
  • 33
  • Saksa
  • sneyking

There is no need to talk about personalities, because Tundra players shine. Statistically, almost every one of the five is the best at the event. Highlighting anyone: Skiter is at his peak, Nine is shining, 33 is a genius as always, Saksa is impeccably good, and Sneyking feels right at home.

Heroes Tundra Esports

Tundra Esports play within their repertoire, forming their own chiropool and not really interested in what is happening around. In the most chosen - Crystal Maiden. The character appeared in 10 matches, winning 9 of them.

Picking Naga Siren (5 matches, 100% win rate), Visage (5 matches, 80% win rate), Visage (5 matches, 80% win rate), Hoodwink (4 matches, 100% win rate), Doom (4 matches, 100% win rate)).

Speaking about the cons of Tundra, I would drag the fact of unwillingness or inability to fulfill the standard here by the ears. The team very rarely resorts to using heroes like Terrorblade, Void, Morph, more often they prefer Chaos Knight, Naga and others.

Team Secret uniform

We continue our analysis of the central game of the year with the Team Secret team. The Western European grand for the first time passes to the grand final of The International.

Team Secret has finally reached the climax. Puppey finally brought his offspring to the grand finals of The International.

The legendary Estonian will play in the grand final of The International for the fourth time. Resolut1on will play there for the second time.

Team Secret Performance

If you do not go deep into the season, then the state of Secret in this competitive year can be described in one word - chaos. He reigned in the Secret camp after the end of The International 10, until the Western European qualifiers for the main tournament in 2022.

Secret on the wave of reshuffles this season were on the 31st line of the DPC table. The team took 5th place three times in the regional league and did not play in the major tournaments.

Secret got a break after joining Zayac and Resolut1on. The team had a good Riyadh Master and ESL One Malayisa, after which they took 2nd place in the Western European qualifiers for The International 2022.

After qualifying for the last chance tournament, Secret got a second wind: the team made it to the group stage of The International 2022 without much difficulty.

Secret at The International 2022

On the main stage of the year, which this season is Singapore, Secret got into the same group with Tundra. From the first days of the group stage, Puppey and the company have shown that the passage to The International 2022 is the minimum goal. The team came for the championship and you believe in it.

The only game that Secret lost at this event was against Tundra. She did not prevent Puppey and the company from reaching the upper bracket of the playoffs and moving on to the match for reaching the TOP-2.

On their way here, Secret smashed PSG.LGD and then did the same with Thunder Awaken.

Further, in the final of the upper bracket, Team Secret met with Tundra. The enchanting bo3 went equally, but the “young” and daring Tundra turned out to be stronger.

In the final of the lower bracket, Team Secret met with old friends from Taem Liquid. The dramatic series ended with the triumph of Puppey and company.

Team Secret roster

  • crystallis
  • Nisha
  • Resolut1on
  • Zayac
  • Puppey

Speaking of the Team Secret roster, one cannot pass by the main protagonist of the club. Puppey is the one and only. The Estonian will play in the grand final of The International for the 4th time. Fantastic achievement.

Team Secret Heroes

Secret play their own DotA, but they don't stray far from the meta. Their most common spawns were Tusk (7 matches, 85% wins), Witch Doctor (5 matches, 80; wins), Monkey King (5 matches, 60% wins), Pangolier (4 matches, 50% wins), Death Prophet (4 matches, 50% win rate).

They love Lina for Nisha through a magical build, which is a rather non-trivial choice during this championship. They have a terrible Dawnbraker from Crystallis in the first position, which Vp once tried to push through, but Puppey managed to do it.

History of personal confrontations

The teams played each other in the group stage and the playoff upper bracket final. Twice defeated Tundra.

Match outcome

In this duel, there are more objective reasons for Tundra to win: here you will win over Secret already in this tournament and have a more flexible hero pull. But you know what? To hell with objectivity.

I'm for storyline. I want Puppey to raise the Aegis of Champions again after 11 years. I will believe in it.

Outcome: victory for Team Secret.

According to leading bookmakers predictions, the team Tundra Esports are the favorite with average odds 1.443 at the moment. Respectively, bookmakers consider Team Secret to be the outsider of the match with odds on a victory in the sum of about 5.782.

How did the participants perform in the last matches

Last MatchesTundra Esports Team Secret
5 matches (wins)54
10 matches (wins)107

The statistics of personal battles between teams is also important for successful bets. The participants in the battle before the meeting played 9 matches with each other. In these battles Tundra Esports got 6 victories while Team Secret managed to take 3 matches.