Vici Gaming signed LaNm as a coach

Representatives of the Chinese eSports organization wrote on the official social network Weibo about LaNm to become a new coach of Vici Gaming.

Despite the move of Zhang Zhicheng to Vici Gaming, the cyber-sportsman still has a contract with EHOME. LanM has become a coach of Vici Gaming’s roster with a help of an agreement, which had been signed between Vici Gaming and EHOME. Vici Gaming left without its coach Tong «Mikasa» Junjie two months ago. Mikasa decided not to continue the contract at the end of it and to have a rest.

Zhang «LaNm» Zhicheng started a player’s career in EHOME in 2011. During the time of activity, the player played for such teams as TongFu, Team DK, Big God and RattleSnake. LaNm returned to his first team EHOME as a captain and a coach in 2015. Today Zhang Zhicheng together with Hu «Sen» Sen and Jiang «jdh» Donghao left the main roster of EHOME. Sen and jdh have become stand-ins of EHOME.

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Vici Gaming decided to renew the roster not only with inviting LaNm as a coach and, also, signing Chen «Hao» Zhihao instead of Wong «ChuaN» Hock Chuan.

Hao was playing for Vici Gaming from March to September 2015, after which he continued his career in Newbee and ChuaN has a continuing contract with Newbee Boss at this moment.

The roster of Vici Gaming:

Chen «Hao» Zhihao
Zeng «Ori» Jiaoyang
Zhou «Yang» Haiyang
Xu «Hym» Zhi
Wong «ChuaN» Hock Chuan