Vega Squadron signed Ditya Ra

Dmitriy «Ditya Ra» Minenkov joined Vega Squadron, a team from CIS region. The esports organization announced this news on their official website.

Before joining Vega Squadron, Dmitriy played in such teams as Natus Vincere, Power Rangers and others.

Also, Dmitriy Minenkov has previously played for Vega Squadron. It happened in Royal Arena online tournament, where he joined the team to replace a missing player. Together with Dmitriy, Vega Squadron managed to become Royal Arena champions.

Semyon «CemaTheSlayer» Krivulya, the captain of the team, comments the situation:

«After the first days of training we felt that our play style became more stable compared to the previous roster. We felt that Dmitry is trying to do what team needs and works as a team player. From the very beginning we were satisfied with everything but we had more time to try him out before roster lock. If we had any problems we wouldn’t leave him in this roster, so we decided to keep Ditya Ra.»

Alexey «Vega» Kondakov, Vega Squadron general director:

«I would like to greet Dmitry in Vega Squadron and I hope that he will help us to reach a higher level He prove himself during try out as a team player that we lacked with previous carry player. With Ditya Ra atmosphere in the team became more calm and comfortable for every player. In this roster Vega Squadron is going to prepare for different LAN-tournament qualifiers and will pull out all the stops to qualify for the first ever Major tournament in CIS.»

Dmitry «Ditya Ra» Minenkov's commentaries:

«I am glad that I became a Vega Squadron player. I will work hard and hope that our team can bring joy to the fans with good results on upcoming tournaments and of course qualify for The Kiev Major.»

Vega Squadron new roster:

Dmitriy «Ditya Ra» Minenkov
Sergey «G» Bragin
Andrey «Mag~» Chipenko
Semyon «CemaTheSlayeR» Krivulya
Akbar «SoNNeikO» Butaev