TnC Pro Team will preserve their roster for the upcoming season

Today, the Philippine organization announced that Dota 2 roster will continue to play in this season without any changes.

The representatives of TnC Pro Team published this news on their official Twitter account, writing the following:

«"If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together". TNC Pro Team TI7 roster will move on to the new season together!»

On The International 2017, TnC took 9 – 12 place and won ~$370,000 The team decided to preserve their roster and keep moving to more significant achievements.

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TnC Pro Team roster:

Marc Polo «Raven» Luis Fausto
Carlo «Kuku» Palad
Samson «Sam_H» Solomon Enojosa Hidalgo
Timothy «Tims» Randrup
Theeban «1437» Siva