The Final Top 8 heroes for an Arcana have been chosen!

The Final Top 8 heroes for an Arcana have been chosen!

Just a little over two days ago, it has struck the DOTA 2 community that the fruits of the Battle Pass owner's hard work and patience have paid off once again. As the results of the Arcana Vote: Final 8 have finally shown. It has been quite a surprise for many, and a sad moment for those rooting for the other fallen 8 who didn't make the cut. Anyway, they will still be able to vote their second picks with the Final 8 battling it out in a voting free-for-all once again. Here are the results:

It's clear as day in this picture who defeated who. Although, on the other hand, there is one result that really shocked the community as much as it did. Io, the support that's rarely used and is the 2nd least pick in pub games, has defeated Queen of Pain, one of the most popular heroes out there (personally one of my picks to win as well). The Io hype has lasted on since the start of the voting, as some actually do wanna see an underdog bring home the bacon, so to speak.

Io will face Wraith King aka. "Only King that Matters", "One true King", or as I like to call him: "Only King that doesn't stick to one Name". Time will tell if Io can recieve an Arcana via the heart of the underdog-lovers and trolls, but personally, I'd rather have someone else to have it, just because Io is definitely not in my pool of heroes.

We'll update you once the votes have been tallied for the semi-finals match of the Arcana voting!

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