The Boston Major. First play-off round

The first play-off round is over, so we can take the stocks.

The first day did not bring us something unexpected, and all the matches ended with quite predictable results.

VP overplayed Vitality with 2-0 score. They keep moving without loses throughout this event. The most expected match of the first play-off round was rather boring – EG without any efforts defeated Wings with 2-0 score. WG Unity had an easy win in the match against Complexity with 2-0 score, and the last match of the day ended with the same score in favor of OG.

However, the second day brought us more interesting matches.

The first match ended with 2-0 score in DC favor, but Faceless did not even have a chance for a win as they show disappointing results throughout the whole event. This was the only match ended with the expected results. The following match between NP and EHOME ended with the win of NP. No one expected such a skill from them. AD FINEM lost the first map against NewBee, but took the win in the remaining two maps. In the final match of the day, xiao8’s team easily won in the match against LGD, and blew up the community with demonstrated game.

Today, we will see matches between VP and EG (perhaps, the most expected match of the game), WG Unity vs OG, DC vs Team NP and AD Finem vs LFY. Enjoy the games!