Team Ukraine announced a roster for WESG 2017

The representative of Team Empire, Andrei «Ghostik» Kadyk announced on his official Twitter page a new roster for Team Ukraine that consists of the players with Ukrainian ID. This roster was created to participate in WESG 2017 only, and will be dismissed after the championship.

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Andrei «Ghostik» Kadyk, Vladimir «No[o]ne» Minenko, Roman «Resolut1on» Fominok and Illya «Lil» Illiuk will play under the leadership of Ivan «ArtStyle» Antonov. The team will start their way to the championship on Ukrainian qualifiers that start on October 21, and two rosters will go to the final part of the championship.

A total prize pool for World Electronic Sports Games 2017 will be almost $4,000,000. $1,500,000 will be given to CS:GO and Dota 2, and StarCraft II players will compete for $400,000. Hearthstone will get a prize pool of $300,000. Also, the organizers promised to host the events for female players.