Team Secret signed a coach

Lots of teams try to attract a coach in their ranks before the main tournament of the year and Team Secret has not become an exception - Lee «SunBhie» Jeong-jae will help the team to prepare for The International 2017. It is unknown if Lee becomes a permanent coach of the team or leaves after the end of TI7.

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Lee «SunBhie» Jeong-jae has not been participating on the professional scene since 2015 when he had left MVP HOT6. Lee helped TNC Pro Team to prepare for The International 2016 last year and then, his mentees held the 7th-8th place, having sensationally beaten OG.

The roster of the team Team Secret:

Pyo «MP» No-a
Yazied «YapzOr» Jaradat
Clement «Puppey» Ivanov
Yeik Nai «MidOne» Zheng
Maurice «KheZu» Gutmann
Lee «SunBhie» Jeong-jae (coach)