Team NP lost two players

Theeban «1437» Siva announced on his YouTube channel that he left the team together with Avery «SVG» Silverman.

In his podcast, ex-player of Team NP did not tell the details why the esportsmen left Dota 2 roster, but he stated that Jacky «EternalEnvy» Mao initiated this process.

Theeban Siva is not going to stop his career of esportsman. 1437 will think on where to continue his esports development on professional Dota 2 arena when The Kiev Major 2017 is over. Till that time, Theeban will steam and work on his YouTube channel.

After this podcast, Arif «MSS» Anwar, Team NP started his broadcast, and explained that change of the positions is inevitable as two players left the team. Aui_2000 will become a new support of the team, while EternalEnvy will take carry position.

The Canadian team did not manage to pass to StarLadder i-League StarSeries Season 3 and The Kiev Major 2017, but joined to the list of Dota 2 Asia Championships 2017 paticipants. However, Team NP demonstrated awful game on this event and become one of the first teams to leave it taking 9 – 12 positions.