Team Faceless has become the winner of Mr. Cat Invitational Season 2

The tournament for teams from Southeast Asia - Mr. Cat Invitational has come to the end. 10 teams have taken part in the championship and played for $25,500 of the prize pool. It is worth considering that all teams have been invited directly.

The winners of the championship have become guys from Team Faceless, who have won WG.Unity with a score 3:0. It should not go unmentioned that the team hasn’t lost any match during the championship. The victory at the second season has brought about $15,000 to the Singapore roster.

The tournament’s bracket:

The prize pool:

1st place: Team Faceless — $15,000
2nd place: WarriorsGaming.Unity — $5,000
3rd place: Clutch Gamers — $2,500