Team Faceless does not exist anymore

The manager of Team Faceless Tammy «furryfish» Tang has informed fans of the organization that the main Dota 2 roster is fully disbanded. The future of players is unknown, however, there are rumors that Iceiceice has been noticed in one mix with Mushi.

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Team Faceless was created in an official transfer window period from Valve in September last year and they could achieve the 3rd place at Dota Pit League Season 5, the 7th-8th place at Dota 2 Asia Championships 2017, the 4th place at The Manila Masters and others during this period.

The team could not qualify to The International 2017, having held the 5th place at the group of the qualifying round.

The former roster of Team Faceless:

Toh «xy-» Wai Hong
Dominik «Black^» Reitmeier
Daryl Koh «iceiceice» Pei Xiang
Anucha «Jabz» Jirawong
Wong «NutZ» Jeng Yih