Sqreen: «I was ready to do everything possible to reach settled goals»

Before this comeback to pro level, you were an analyst, predominantly SLTV. Why have you decided to return?

I did not leave the arena, being an analyst was a temporary activity, as it seemed to be impossible to find a corresponding team, where I could utilize my potential, as well as the potential of the players. During this time, I played in different mixes to remain in the competitive Dota 2 arena, where I always strived to play and maintain a high level of the game.

WG.Unity. How did that happen? Who and how contacted to you? Who
was the core of the roster? Have you previously met the players?

I’ve been considering another region for a long time, since 2016, when I wanted to move to some American team. But back then, the practice of international transfer was not popular, and nothing happened. Mainly, I was doing analytics and looked for the possibility to join some roster. In spring 2017, I saw that WG.Unity, that previously was a rather strong team, had some problems in the game and in roster too, so I offered to join them as a captain and support by writing them on Facebook. After that, in July, they answered me that they were interested in me, so now I’m here.

The roster was collected consulting with me regularly. I offered Feero and a few more candidates from Europe, but I told that I would prefer to play in the team with more SEA players. I believe that they have more serious attitude to the game and the team than other regions, except for China. So the organization offered rather famous players, and I liked them, so we decided to play together.

I’ve never met those players, except for several times with Feero, we even though to play together after Bears, but it did not happen as he joined Complexity.

Why did you decide to move?

I was ready to do everything possible to reach settled goals, that I had during all time I played Dota. The main of them was winning The International. I think, I have more chances to do that in SEA region, than in CIS, as most of the present teams are not disciplined at all, and it’s impossible to play team game and interact with the team without it.

In what tournaments will you participate? In every tournament, you’ll
be invited?

Currently, we are planning to participate in all possible tournaments, as we need to practice more. If we get sufficient results, we’ll start to check the tournaments and participate in those which are the most beneficial for us.

What bars does the organization set for you?

By this moment, we have only one goal, and it is quite clear - TOP 1 of SEA region. I think, that we can reach it over time if each team member works hard as a single whole.

Will you play all the time from the bootcamp in Malaysia? Will you stay here for a long time?

Yes, we will play from the bootcamp only. Currently, I’m planning to stay there at least to TI8.

Did you think to move to Southern America, for example, as the level of competitiveness is much lower there?

I moved not to lower the level of competitiveness and become a cybertourist for the big events. As I told before, I like the attitude and discipline of the players from SEA region more, than from other regions, except for China. I would like to realize my potential in this region and reach the settled goals.

Will you have any problems with communication? What language will you use?

I don’t think that there will be some significant problems with communication, as we chose players who speak English well. Therefore, we will use English.

Who will be your coach and statsman?

Our coach and statsman will be a great guy - Shenal «AB» Daniel, who got plenty of potential on his positions. I think, we will manage to work with him effectively. For me, as for the captain, it’s important to have such a person to work better with the team.

Will the organization get one more roster?

I don’t know the plans, but as far as I know this has not been discussed yet.

Will you participate in previously announced WESG?

Currently, I would like to get focused on my team, so I will miss this event.

 There are many announced tournaments, and as they tell, some more events will be announced. Is that good or bad for tier 1-2-3 teams? Why?

The more tournaments exist, the bigger choice for the teams what tournaments to play that correspond their level and prize pool, so this is an advantage for tier 1-3 arenas.

What do you think about a new Valve system where you collect
points for all played tournaments?

I think this is a rather interesting, but I would like to see how it will work on practice as there are some drawbacks and unclear moments.

What would you say to icefrog if you met him?

I would tell him thanks for Dota, and would ask to improve the mechanics of some heroes, like it was in Dota 1, and I would offer some of my ideas, that would be useful, considering the fact that some of them have been already implemented. I don’t know whether I affected that by writing him in Skype, but the game develops and become better every year.

What else would you like to say?

I would like to say thanks to everyone who supported me all this time despite everything. I hope that soon I will be able to make you happy with the results my team and me will deliver.