SG e-Sports announced main roster

At the end of August, SG e-Sports organization dismissed their main Dota 2 roster. Today, the management announced new roster that will protect the colors of esports club for the upcoming season. The core of a new team is Adriano «4dr» Machado, and other slots were taken by the representatives of Midas Club Elite.

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During the previous season, the players from Midas Club Elite managed to get through the qualifiers to The International 2017, where they took the last place. Another achievement of the team is winning qualifiers to WCA 2017 and The Final Match 2017.

SG e-Sports roster:

Adriano «4dr» Machado
Guilherme «FuckinEh» Silva
Rodrigo «Liposa» Lelis
Lucas «bardo» Barbosa
Thiago «Thiolicor» Cordeiro